wwe match promos

The promo that played prior to the code promo eram fr match was beautifully, set to Limp Bizkits My Way, and the series of clips not only captured their current feud, but showed the rivalry that had built up over the past four years.
Between the perfectly chosen music, smooth cuts between transitions, and sparing use of special effects, the following list is the best of the best that WWE has ever put out.
This was the first time that WWE produced something that seemed like it was bashing their own company, and fans appreciated that.
As a fun detraction from the normal analysis articles, I have compiled a list of five great underrated match promos.
R-Truth - Capitol Punishment 2011 m/watch?It is untouchable in every concours blanc hippocrate tours way, perfect down to every detail and intricacy.The Undertaker- Judgment Day 2002.This heated rivalry was also The Rock's first as the WWE champion.

The addition of cameras and mics allowed WWE to cut together media packages, which truly transitioned the WWE from a sport, into a sports entertainment company.
Stick Stone Cold Steve Austin in as the special referee, and we were guaranteed a show.
Kevin Owens - Money in the Bank 2015 3 The Rock.
Trust Stone Cold to bring the crowd back by stunning both their asses.
While the pre-match promo is one area where WWE has rarely dropped the ball, there are cases of promos seeming generic; but never bad.WWE SummerSlam, john Cena, cM Punk, daniel Bryan.Tables, Ladders, Chairs!" - Edge.WWE has proven to be the best in the industry at this aspect, and more than anything else, they are the best at pre-match promo videos.It would serve as a great appetizer for the main dish that is yet to come and over the years, WWE has made good use of this is list is going to take a look at those pre-match promos that worked wonders.The two men would obviously engage in a feud, meeting at Judgement Day a month later.Both men were the best of friends outside the ring, making this feud even greater to watch.Stone Cold - Rock Bottom 1998 7 Hulk Hogan.Stone Cold - Wrestlemania X-8.Shawn Michaels and no WWE.

Sexton Hardcastle, analyst IAugust 21, 2011 0 of 5, a match promo can prove vital in the buildup of a match.