wine reduction sauce

Toss into salad with some feta or gorgonzola to get a little cheese and wine pairing right in your salad!
New World Adds Zesty Fruit, new world wines are big, bold, and fruity when reduced as a sauce.
You know, a lot of people freak out about the steak part.
Preparation: 5 minutes depending on how fast you can dice a shallot.
Try it with eggplant, portobello mushrooms, or zucchini.Now, if you look online for red wine reduction recipes youre going to find most focus on steak with little emphasis on the red wine.TO GET OUR TOP stories, by Justin Hammack, when I'm not drinking wine, I'm also.That is, if you have any.For savory, red, or tough meats use a peppery, smoky old world Cabernet.Difficulty: Easy, fun, and you can drink while you cook.Remember, higher alcohol will reduce to a sweeter sauce; and the more you reduce a sauce, the more alcohol breaks down into sugar.Below Ill go into how to pick the right red wine and some alternative uses for a red wine reduction sauce.Bring to a simmer and reduce by 1/2 volume.Sandwiches, marinate a few vegetables in the finished red wine sauce promo park roissy avis before putting them in your sandwich.New world wine varietals include California Zinfandel, Argentinian Malbec, and.Works especially well with onions, brussels sprouts, kale, and potatoes.

Its from France, south of France; and one is a new world wine, its from Washington State.
You can easily drizzle it over a filet or pork chops, or even use it as a base to braise short ribs.
Get creative with your ingredients.(The elephant in the room being a mushroom red wine sauce for a Filet Mignon.) Old world wines to look for include Italian Sangiovese, Spanish Tempranillo, and most any southern French table wine.But I think red wine reduction sauces can go on just about anything, even ice cream.For those of you feeling more adventurous.Check out the recipe below and you can see what we did.Next add your balsamic vinegar, wine of choice, and rosemary, then reduce by one half.Picking the Right Red Wine, old World Adds Herbaceous Earthiness, its more common to use an old world wine when making a red wine reduction sauce as they are less sweet and pair especially well with beef and mushrooms.A rails developer, vegetarian foodie, coffee addict, casual gamer, lover of cult movies, driver of insane turbo-2.0L.If this is your first attempt at making a red wine sauce, stick with old world.Cabernet Sauvignon, ahh yes.