From the weekly bonuses, to packages like EasyCliq and EasyBlaze, it is pretty clear that Etisalat has come to stay.
To activate, text MB5 to 229 or dial *229*2*3#.
EasyBlaze 3GB Plan: This brings 3GB at the cost of N6,500 and the plan is valid for 30 days.
Yes that is 4 tier for all to enjoy, bringing everyone a totally new and unique Steamboat experience.Each concours ecole architecture flat has an extra store room and a carport.To activate, text SM1 to 229, or dial *229*4*1#.For example, a subscriber of the 500MB data cadeaux pour hommes anniversaire plan will not get a rollover if on the next occasion, he opts for the 200MB or the 1GB Data Plan.Terms and Conditions of Gumtree.To activate, text MB2 to 229 or dial *229*2*1#.Published in: Plots of Land for Sale, Lephalale / Ellisras.The comprehensive list above goes to show the unique way in which Etisalat caters to all its subscribers at all levels.EasyBlaze.5GB Plan: Here, one gets.5GB at the cost of N4,000.Here are the Etisalat data plans and how you can buy them: 24-Hour Day Data Plan: This costs N100 only and entitles the user to 10MB.

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The utility of the Internet is not limited to ease of information, as a matter of fact it transcends.
There is a borehole giving l/h.EasyBlaze 6Gb Plan: This entitles the subscriber to 6GB at the cost of N8,000.With just one click, one tap or one swipe, one can assess reduction apple watch anything he wants to via the internet.The data plan is valid for 24 hours.Mobile data is measured in bytes, and depending on the size of information or volume of communication, using the Internet for a particular purpose would chalk up a sizeable amount of kilobytes, megabytes or even gigabytes.This part is covering approx.

This article contain new Etisalat Data Plans, Subscription Codes and Prices in Nigeria.