I found a few good github starting points (VTK, hoppe's melax's githubs etc.) to try and test the various implementations but i run into some problems:.
Its a very simple reader/writer, so dont try to use multiple objects in one file.
Originally Posted by, asmodeus, yea, i have tried mesh lab and they idées cadeaux noel grands parents seem to be managing the simplification very well.For about your original issue, you might find some people knowing the subject at this site.Last edited by Asmodeus; at 11:43., 11:51 PM #2, i would like to bump this thread, as i have been busy lately but still have not found out a solution.Unity Mesh Decimator by Mattias Edlund / Whinarn.NET Mesh Decimator by Mattias Edlund / Whinarn.

I will give you a CS:GO analogy here, i am not sure if they are doing that exact thing, but presume that their maps are mostly hand crafted, all trees, boxes, walls buildings which are not interactive or destructible are probably embedded and modeled along.
Javascript Mesh Decimator by Andrew Taber / ataber.
JS Sample using the Method, live Web Version by Tiger Yuhao Huang.I tried to simplify a few of mine and a few of the provided (inside the code base) meshes and i noticed that not all meshes survive the same simplification.If you can show me the steps of how to do it, I will be more than thankful.If the engine is designed around instancing or around batching, or both.Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time.The algorithms in question are the Quadric error metrics mesh simplification the Progressive mesh simplification.What has been bugging me lately is more about techniques to dynamically render different LOD levels when walking over a large terrain concours photo bordeaux surprise mesh (non regular grid - NOT generated from a height map, noise, 2D data, etc.).Further more i was wondering what are some state of the art rendering techniques to reduce polygon count (or LOD) when walking over a very large mesh terrain that is NOT build up from a height field or map - but is rather an irregular.This will depend a lot on how their engine is designed.