StName String A last name listed in customers shipping address.
TaxAmount Integer A total tax amount for purchase.
Rating Integer; the aggregated rating.
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Products categories, brands and manufacturers are created in the Products module.Name String; the name of the discount."Making money from schools: The Swedish model".This is sometimes confused with vouchers as a promotion for school choice.Name Integer; the name of the reason type.FinalShippingPostalCode String; the postal code used to create the order; shipping info.EarnedPointsAmount Number; defines how many amount a customer has to spent in order to get the revard (earned points).Object Delivery Detail Short Description accountCode String; the account code used for the accounting software purposes.PurchasePriceCurrency Object; unites all information about the purchase price currency.Object Campaign Short Description actions active conditions conditionsAll description id name periods priority variant Object; unites all information about the website variant (campaign reduction mobile orange setting).

User Identity Short Description login String; the users login.
"What is a Charter School?".
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Baby sitting Voucher Template 10 Free Word, PDF Documents.AlternateTextUseDefault Boolean; defines if the value of alternate text in default culture will be used (setting available only for translated items).LoggedSince Date and time; the time then the user has logged.Name String; the name of the delivery type.SyncEnabled Boolean; defines if the synchronization is enabled.Id Integer; the unique ID of the carrier service.Object Discount Discount Short Object Description name String; the name of the tax (defined in the Administration module in the Tax Rates application).

RegistrationApproval Boolean; defines the value of the Registration Approval setting.