MacTutor Wikipedia Weisstein Université de Caen Madhava of Sangamagrama (1350-1425) Madhava gave the first examples of power series (besides geometric series ) as expansions of trigonometric functions (sin, cos, arctg).
His Rubáiyát quatrains were translated in 1859 by FitzGerald.
In 1876, he created the first industrial research laboratory at Menlo Park,. .Robertson Donaldson, Simon Kirwan.Ph D 1920 Greatness (forum) MacTutor Wikipedia Emil Artin, mathematician (1898-1962) Born in Austria, he fled the Nazis in 1937. .This reduced post-operative infections and made surgery safer. .It had been extended to quartics, in 1540, by his own assistant Lodovico Ferrari (1522-1565).It was first called " Rolle's theorem " by Drobisch (1834) and Bellavitis (1846).19 Patriot MacTutor Wikipedia nndb Alfred Tarski, logician (1902-1983) In 1924, he gave a nice definition of infinite sets. .He observed that the soldiers so treated recovered much better than those who underwent the formerly "recommended" treatment (i.e., burning rue du commerce code promo chaussures wounds with oil).

Magnitude of Stars Astrolabe MacTutor Wikipedia Weisstein nndb Titus Lucretius Carus, didactic poet (99-55 BC) The only extant work of Lucretius is the didactic poem De rerum natura (On the Nature of Things) where the basic Epicurean tenets are expressed in a surprisingly modern way. .
Eudoxus invented the method of exhaustion built upon by Archimedes. .
Hired to teach Guillaume de l'Hôpital, Johann had to name after his student the famous rule he discovered during that work-for-hire.
He pursued investigations in mathematics and physics in his spare time (his judicial work suffered).
His work greatly influenced Leibniz.He failed to specify that his famous formula for the area of a quadrilateral is only valid for cyclic quadrilaterals.Ktesibios Antikythera Mechanism (c.1963 (Caltech) home The Art of Computer Programming Advice McT WP nndb Stephen.His work in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics transformed much of chemistry into a deductive science. .Brouwer, mathematician (1881-1966) Early in his career, Bertus Brouwer founded modern topology. .His left-wing activism damaged his academic career. .