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Excellent, built-in polygon reduction system.
Common Solutions, converts entire scene files, including meshes with holes, trimmed nurbs, crack-free brep solids CAD files, hierarchy, animation (format specific pivot points, vertex normals, U/V tangent vectors, vertex colors, texture coordinates, textures, lights cameras.The PolyTrans-for-Maya sub-product is configured as PolyTrans DCC/Pack module.Video formats supported for viewing: AVI, mpeg-1, 2, 4, QuickTime Movies (.qt,.mov,.mtv) and Macromedia Flash (SWF).With a user base of the entire 3D industry, and being in use constantly by 3D professionals like yourself, PolyTrans works 'out of the box' in the most complex and demanding of situations - it simply works!Please be careful to review which modules you need before purchasing (add-on modules can be purchased at any time).The most refined conversion system for Lightwave users since 1994 - Okino knows Lightwave conversions inside out!Converts optimizes all major CAD formats to Lightwave, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage (XSI OpenFlight and dozens more file formats and 3D programs (full list on WEB site).Un autre mois est arrivé, donc voilà tous les nouveaux codes que jai collecté sur La Redoute, codes qui sont valides pour Janvier 2014.PolyTrans-for-Maya is available via the "DCC/Pack" license.It is generally accepted within the modelling and graphics team that PolyTrans greatly improves our work flow and efficiency particularly with the seemless plugin to Maya and the accurate conversion from one format to another in either graphics or geometry.

Note : Okino natively supports Lightwave (lws/lwo) and Softimage (dotXSI) file formats so no native plug-in modules are needed for those animation programs.
Major Features Very stong support for all major CAD file formats.
Used by dozens of leading 3D software companies.2D Bitmap File Formats : tiff, jpeg, BMP, SGI, GIF, IFF Lightwave, IFF Maya, PIC (Softimage PIX (Maya PNG, PPM, PSD (photoshop) and Targa.We would be lost without." Lazaros Kastanis, immersive visualisation specialist, University of Queensland's Advanced Computational Modelling Centre.Embed U3D in PDF files.Utilizes the actual Dassault catia v5 runtime system ensuring 100 fidelity - it doesn't get any better.PolyTrans was the first such program to market and hence has a long standing reputation of providing quality conversions as well as top notch technical support from its development team.P has unknown pageviews every day and it makes about unknown USD daily.Registrieren zweiwege-Kurz-Codes (zum Senden und Empfangen land.This is one of the most popular aspects of PolyTrans in the.C.C.Tolerance-based, error-free animation conversion and top notch smooth skinned mesh skeleton conversion amongst 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage (XSI Softimage-3D, Collada, FBX, DirectX, U3D, more.

Catia v5 - Import from native catia.catProduct and.catPart files.
Photo-realistic rendering, material editing, texture parameter editing and scene composition (ray tracer in Okino's NuGraf only).
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