breast reduction surgery seattle

We typically do not use surgical drains for most breast reduction patients.
Breast reduction may require.5 to 3 hours of operating time.
Weight gain and pregnancy can affect the size and shape of the breast.Rand works closely with every patient to ensure a positive cosmetic surgery experience and a safe and secure surgical outcome.Even though to my knowledge none of those things makes breasts smaller! This operation makes the patient look, feel and function better.

Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality care and providing all the information you need throughout treatment to provide a deeper level of understanding.
What to Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery: Many women report almost immediate relief from discomfort or pain in their back, neck, and shoulders.
Strenuous activities: 3 weeks.Using modern breast reduction techniques, the plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery can perform breast reduction surgery with excellent scar quality and longevity of breast shaping. .Sattler to be both a serious, matter-of-fact surgeon and a warm and caring doctor.Post-operative pain: moderate.Let us help you learn more about your options.Within 10-15 pounds of your ideal body weight.For some patients, breast reduction surgery is done for cosmetic improvement.For women bothered by their large breast size and the associated discomfort, breast reduction can be a very promo videoprojecteur acer satisfying and life changing procedure.There are a variety of surgical techniques for breast reduction.